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Medeco M4

Text Box: Medeco M4 high security cylinders are UL 437 Listed with solid brass construction and hardened-steel inserts to thwart drilling attacks. In addition to bottom pins that lift and rotate, M4ís design includes 4 Side Pins made up of 3 Finger Pins and 1 Lift Pin. The Lift Pin is activated by contact with the Shuttle Pin movable element in the key, providing high-level key duplication integrity. The Finger Pins work with Secondary Side cuts on the key to provide increased security and greater potential combinations.
The patent-pending Medeco M4 key with Shuttle Pin movable element protects against the emerging threat of 3D printing for added credential security. Passing UL 437 and ANSI/BHMA rigid testing procedures affirms Medeco M4's ability to protect people and property.